Environmental Sites Data Intelligence Monitoring

Our challenge

As well as representing an obvious danger to human life and the environment, fires and other perils at regulated sites such as landfills impose significant cost on businesses in terms of property damage and business interruption.

  • Losses incurred by insurers from claims relating to these perils are substantial.
  • Consequently, the appetite of insurers to provide cover is diminishing and this could have profound implications for operators as well as for their customers.
Our Solution

Our cloud-based solution prevents asset damages for environmental site operators and reduces risks for insurance and asset prevention companies.

ESDIM is a data intelligence platform to disrupt the way of tracking and monitoring environmental sites integrating:

Machine learning

IoT ground detection systems

Satellite data

Business sectors

Environmental Sites Operators

Keep your workplaces safe and healthy, whilst also minimising the risks to the environment from day- to- day activities.

Minimise risk to your enterprises value, commercial operations and reputation.

Increase the prospect for the business of obtaining and maintaining comprehensive insurance protection against fire risk and other perils.

Insurance Industry

Access to a state-of-the art risk management tool that will help you to reduce the frequency and magnitude of claims.

Increasing your opportunity to write more business.

Minimising fire claims arising from or relating to regulated sites.

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